Conewango Range Adds Square Model

Square liners are now part of the Conewango Export range. They are designed to offer a unique product that offers a higher degree of stability while milking and a gentler massage leaving the teats healthier and the animal milked more completely. These are not just marketing claims but the results of academic studies conducted by authoritative Ivy League school professors. Following is a summary of the research results. See Model IS-SQ-SO for specifications

Key Findings from Liners and Teat End Health Study

Petersson, Rauch & Schukken – Cornell University, New York

Square liners are gentler on teats than round barrels, minimising teat damage. Over a three-month period, herds that switched from round barrel liners to square barrel liners showed 17% softer teat tissue (lower keratinization score).

Square liners can reduce animal health costs. Over a three month period, herds that switched from round barrel liners to square barrel liners showed a 27% greater reduction in cracked teat ends. With less teat damage there is a reduced likelihood of mastitis infection.

The liners and Teat End Health study proved that liners differ in their activation of teat end tissue and that round barrel liners evoke a more severe response from the teat end compared to square liners.

More Time, Energy & Animal Health Benefits

The vacuum shut off model helps prevent back-jetting, which can result in mastitis being transferred from an infected quarter to healthy ones.

This liner has a proven record for quick milking while maintaining cow comfort. Young first time milkers are quick to settle. A more complete milk-out is also possible due to faster milking.

Quicker milking results in better cow health/cleaner milk out, power savings, and less milker stress.