At Conewango we understand that knowledge and training are just as important as a quality compound in determining the performance of a liner. That is why we have teamed up with New Zealand’s premiere dairy training consultants, QCONZ (Quality Consultants New Zealand Ltd), to create a series of web-based e-learning modules to assist our customers and improve their knowledge of our product.

The first course, around liner choice and compatibility, is now available.

You will require a password to access the training module, which you will be able to request by sending an email at or by filling out a contact form on our website at

Login to Online Virtual Coach PlayerOnce you have received the username and password, you will follow the link  and reach a login page.

Enter the coordinates in the login window and the next screen that will appear will contain the training module folders:




Choose the SK LC Liner Compatibility.vcm link and you will be taken to the start page.

Tutorial Start Page

As you follow the easy tutorial you will be guided through a complete review of the topic along with a media-rich environment that will make the experience more fulfilling and engaging.

In the following screenshots you can see examples of the content found through the modules.

Screen shot 1 of tutorial content

At Conewango we believe in providing more than just great products and take pride in being able to share the skill and knowledge of our associates with our customers.

We truly hope this will be a reference and a trusted source for many of you and look forward to seeing you in our virtual classes soon.


Screen shot 2 of tutorial content