Conewango Milking Accessories

Quality hoses and fittings to make your life easier on farm

In addition to our range of liners and tube we offer additional quality Dairy Accessories including a range of wash nozzles and hoses.


Master Blaster Nozzle with tail piece

Master Blaster Nozzle Each JRT300
32mm Master Blaster Tail Piece Each JNT432
38mm Master Blaster Tail Piece Each JNT338

Jetspray hose nozzle

19mm Jestspray Nozzle Grey in Tail JRT219
25mm Jetspray Nozzle Blue inc Tail JRT225
19mm Jetspray Tail Piece JNT319
25mm Jetspray Tail Piece JNT325
32mm Jetspray Tail Piece JNT332


Teat Spray Nozzle Each RRT000

JNT101 Nozzle PowerSprayPower Spray Nozzle excl Tail Piece JNT101
13mm Power/Pit Hose Tail Piece JNT113
19mm Power/Pit Hose Tail Piece JNT119
25mm Power/Pit Hose Tail Piece JNT125

JNT100 Nozzle Pit

Pit Hose Nozzle excl Tail Piece JNT100

Dairy Accessories - JNT200-Washdown-Power-Jet-NozzleSmall Power Jet Nozzle excl tail JNT200
Large Power Jet Nozzle excl tail JNT050
19mm Large Power Jet Tail Piece JNT059
25mm Large Power Jet Tail Piece JNT065
32mm Large Power Jet Tail Piece JNT078


19mm, 20M 1 Coil HUW219

19mm, 60M 1 Coil HUW519

25mm, 20M 1 Coil HUW225

25mm, 60M 1 Coil HUW525

32mm, 20M 1 Coil HUW232

32mm, 60M 1 Coil HUW532

38mm, 20M 1 Coil HUW238

38mm, 60M 1 Coil HUW538

19mm Hose Clamp Each JNT519

25mm Hose Clamp Each JNT525

32mm Hose Clamp Each JNT532

38mm Hose Clamp Each JNT538

Dairy Accessories - Washdown Hose