Peach Teat® Calf Feeding Products

The best selling teat in New Zealand and preferred by calves worldwide

Peach Teat calves are healthier
and happier calves


With traditional teats when a calf squeezes the teat most of the milk goes right back into the container. The Peach Teat’s unique patented internal collapsing flap-valve holds the milk in the teat making it much more responsive to the calf’s needs. It is designed to function like a real cow’s teat, moving all the time while the calf is suckling, never closing in its relaxed state. This means that the teat is self-cleaning and resists blocking.

There is a milk opening on each side of the nipple, situated so that the crown of the nipple remains intact and the teat is leak resistant even when used at the bottom of a milk container. These openings also work as a second valve. Calves feed better and do not stress or fidget and health problems, such as scours or pneumonia, are reduced.

Peach Teat cutaway diagram

Peach Teats are manufactured from a natural rubber specially developed to meet the needs of calf rearers, ensuring that the teats feel natural and comfortable to the calf, and will eliminate mouth ulcers.

Peach Teats will pull through, or screw-on, all standard calf feeders. Peach Teats can be used for tube or gravity feeding using any container with a hole size of 22mm (7⁄8”).

Peach Teat® 5-calf open feeder

~~~~ Introducing ~~~~

the Peach Teat® 5-calf open feeder

The Peach Teat® 5-calf open feeder can be used just about anywhere with its bolted steel brackets for attaching to all types of fences. It is injection moulded for strength and durability, has extra-wide teat spacings and the teats unscrew for easy cleaning. It is designed to support the best industry-accepted calf rearing advice (see Dr Bas Schouten’s comments on the following pages). It is an open trough, so that the first calf to finish feeding doesn’t push the other calves off their teats.Calves form bonds in small groups and our 5-calf feeder helps support their bonding. It is crucial right from your calves’ first moments of life to take the right approach to their feeding to achieve high growth rates. Loss of growth in this early period means the calf will always be behind.

The Peach Teat® 5-calf feeder not only nurtures the bonding of small groups but also features the Peach Teat® – the world’s most advanced calf feeding teat – designed for one purpose, to be the teat that the calves love!


The  Peach Teat allows no more fluid to pass through it than a cow’s udder naturally would, allowing the calf to suckle more intensely than conventional technology. This stimulates the flow of saliva and improves the PH-level in the stomach and leads to better digestion.


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